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CE Directive revised & Harmonized Standards (2014-3-17)
CE Family Grouping (2014-2-28)
US Fireworks Approval(2014-2-28)
Training, Sampling of Fireworks Testing (2012-10-27)
International Symposium on Fireworks Changsha 2013 (2012-08-25)
International Standards of Fireworks (2012-5-14)
CE Directive & Harmonized standards training seminar (2012-2-17)
Notified Bodies (NBs) updated from European Commission (2011-10-26)
Seminar on EU EN15947:2010 and US CPSC……(2011-1-20)
More Notified Bodies announced recently......(2011-1-4)
On-line checking result at TCPL web site…… (2010-10-21)
More Notified Bodies announced… (2010-08-31)
Training Course of Fireworks Manufacturing IN ENGLISH……(2010-6-3)
Notify Bodies under CE Directive 2007/23/EC (2010-3-14)
CE Directive Training on January 29, 2010 Friday at Liling (2010-01-13)
Training at Wanzai, EU Directive 2007/23/EC and harmonized standard prEN15947 (2009-12-04)
Swedish Authority Approve TCPL for testing fireworks... ... (2009-8-28)
European Standard prEN15947 Pyrotechnics articles - Fireworks (2009-8-26)
TCPL Training Program Starts 2009... (2009-8-17)
Seminar at Jiangxi Shangli, International Regulation & Requirement of Fireworks (2009-7-27)
Seminar at Liling, International Regulation & Requirement of Fireworks (2009-6-26)
AFSL Break charge test starting from... ... (2009-6-22)
PPSA meeting was great success... presentation material is enclosed herewith... (2009-4-1)
Brazilian Regulation (2009-4-1)
SII has audited TCPL recently and approved to test all fireworks importing to Israel (2009-3-18)
PPSA Seminar (2009-3-6)
TCPL has been granted certificate of CNAS (2009-2-24)
Electric igniter testing (2009-1-4)
AFSL Break Charge Test Fixture is available for sale at TCPL (2008-12-13)
Presentation materials of Fireworks Conference 2008 are available (2008-12-4)
Fireworks Conference 2008 - Great Success held in Liuyang, Nov.24, 2008 (2008-12-2)
TCPL has been accredited by Spanish Official Laboratory (2008-12-1)
Fireworks Conference Registration Form (2008-11-4)
Fireworks Conference 2008 _CE Directive 2007/23/CE (2008-10-23)
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